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A GPS Tracker for only £175 including 2 years service.
The pinpointpal tracker is a simple and reliable tracker that you can use everyday on everything. Check your stuff's location on your smartphone, tablet or on your pc whenever you want to.
However you use yours, the information is at your fingertips.

The pinpointpal tracker is so simple and reliable that you can use it every day in over 100 countries across over 200 mobile networks. Check where your car is on your smartphone, tablet or pc whenever you want to. If your car is stolen, if your partner breaks down or you just want to remember where you parked, the information is at your fingertips.

How does it work?
The tracker uses GPS, just like a Sat Nav, to locate your items. It's accurate to within 5 metres.
When you want to know where your stuff is, its location is sent back to your device and accurately displays on a map.
You can access the map on the web or by using a FREE App on iPhone, iPad or Android smart phones and tablets.
pinpointpal uses all 5 mobile networks in the UK and 203 networks worldwide in 107 countries, so you have fantastic coverage even on holiday.
Trailer Tracking
The pinpointpal trailer tracker has been designed to take into account the amount of time your trailer stands idle, by optimising battery life so there is always power available if the trailer is moved. Simply using your trailer in the normal fashion is enough to maintain battery life. It’s so small and lightweight that it can be fitted almost anywhere to give you the peace of mind that your trailer is secure when it’s not in use. You can check where your trailer is on a map when you are out and about on your smartphone or tablet any time you like. If your trailer is stolen or you just want know everything is ok, the information you need is right there.

Trailer tracking could not be easier.

Motorhome Tracking
The pinpointpal tracker is so simple and reliable that you can use it whenever you want to check on your motorhome. It’s ideal for keeping your motorhome secure while in storage or while you’re on holiday. Use the app on your smartphone, tablet or pc and see it on a map with directions on how to get to it. With fantastic coverage at home and in 107 countries abroad across over 200 networks, wherever you holiday you will be able to keep tabs on your motorhome.

If you require a tracker for your Motorhome call 07950 968348



Is it easy to fit?
If you have a basic knowledge of electrics then it's fairly simple. It needs to be connected to a live wire with at least 5-12volts. The device comes with its own security screws and sticky pad to attach it with.
What can I fit it to?
Car, Caravan, Trailer, anything with a 5-12volts power supply.
Can you use it abroad?
pinpointpal can be used in 106 countries on 203 networks worldwide.
How many devices can I use?
You may run as many pinpointpals on your app as you wish.
What happens when my inclusive service bundle ends?
We shall email you before the service ends to notify you of this. If you wish to continue the service, each additional year is just £25.
Are there any hidden extras?
No, pinpointpal works straight out of the box.
How accurate is it?
pinpointpal is accurate to 5 metres.
What happens when my vehicle/property goes missing?
Use the app to locate your stuff then call the Police. They will use the information to locate and retrieve your property.
Does the device work if the vehicle is switched off?
Yes, pinpointpal stores the last location and will power up as soon as the vehicle has been started.
Is it waterproof?
pinpointpal is designed for the indoors and outdoors in both fresh and saltwater conditions.

How do I get started?
Fit the pinpointpal Tracker.
The tracker is fitted out of sight and connected to an electricity source. A trained mechanic can normally fit it in about an hour although DIY installation is straight forward.
Download the FREE App.
Use your iPhone, iPad or Android smart phone or tablet to download the App and register your device.
Errrmmm that's it, just use it!
No buying SIMs, topping up, sending text messages or phoning call centres. Just locate your stuff when you need to.

How much is the pinpointpal tracker?

JUST £175 for the Tracker including 2 years service.
We will remind you when your service is coming to an end and an extra years service is priced at just £25 per year.
We keep our prices low by keeping it simple. There are no expensive call centres or guards required.

6 Reasons to buy pinpointpal
It's really simple - Fire up the app and look on the map.
pinpointpal is reliable - We designed our tracker in the UK, we manufacture it in the UK and tested it in the UK.
The service is reliable - We buy mobile phone service from the networks so you don't have to.
You can use it as much as you like and you won't get cut off. Some trackers use standard pre-pay SIMs which the networks have a nasty habit of cutting off.
The coverage is fantastic - pinpointpal uses all 5 mobile networks in the UK as well as 203 networks worldwide in 107 countries so you always know where your stuff is.
It's great value - at just £175 it already includes 2 years service.
It's secure - Only you or anyone else you give access to can see where your stuff is.
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